Art and Furnishings

Artists show us the places we live and the people we love through different eyes. Throughout its 148 year history, Canada has welcomed citizens from around the world. It is a rich tapestry of cultures — each influences, and is influenced by, another. Geography and culture have shaped our view of our country and ourselves.

The Canada House collection of art embraces the work of artists, new and historic, internationally recognized and locally known. From the work of Aboriginal artists reinterpreting indigenous arts and crafts to those who follow more European traditions, the art in Canada House reflects the multiplicity of voices, styles, histories and artists found across the nation.

Christine Lavoie and Karen Burk artworks

To explore the collection as a whole is to experience a fascination with the landscape and with humanity’s relationship with the environment. The expansiveness of Canada’s land and lakes, oceans and mountains resonates. Fine ceramics, whimsical sculptures and photographs and paintings by contemporary Canadian artists complement more established works by the Group of Seven, Emily Carr and Gordon Smith. The First Nations works of Stan Wamiss, Stan Hunt and Susan Point, the Tlingit mask carved by Ken Anderson and the exceptional collection of Inuit carvings donated to Canada by the Shenkman family, together begin to show us who we have been, who we are, and who we may become.

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